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How Will The Changes To Income sprinkling Impact You

As soon as the government started talking about tax reforms for corporations who used income sprinkling as a tax saving strategy small business owners across Canada started to worry about the implications these impending changes would have on them. Before we dive in and give you the full ins and outs of this tax law […]

Claiming Your Airbnb Income In Canada

As the sharing economy continues to grow an increasing number of startups are being developed that provide everyday people with the opportunity to increase their income streams. This is causing the average person’s tax return to become much more complicated than it would be with a simple T4 income. First things first YES you need […]

To Expand Or Not To Expand? – Determining Your Cost : Benefit Ratio

Your mother clearly dropped you on your head as a child and as a result, you decided that you wanted to be an entrepreneur when you grew up. You took the leap and low and behold the crazy idea you had actually worked out and business is going great but you are at a tipping […]

Tax Tips For BC Yoga Studios

It’s safe to assume that Vancouverites LOVE their Yoga. There is no shortage of studios in this city and a most of the time they are filled to the brim with people gaining strength and learning to control their breath. Even though we have a large community of Yoga lovers in the city you can’t […]

What Can Vancouver Retailer Do About Rising Land Taxes?

If you are a Vancouver based business with a retail location then you are no stranger to the unpredictable and seemingly unfair taxation system that is forcing many businesses, some iconic staples in our community, to close down. With land taxes in some areas doubling annually to reflect soaring residential property valuations the mom and […]

Avoid Disputed Invoices On Your Next Construction Job

Let’s be honest coming in under budget on a renovation or build is not as common as going over. Things happen that are often out of the control of the company that causes the client’s budget to be blown. Going over budget without properly managing your client’s expectations and understanding can leave you with disappointed […]