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What Can Vancouver Retailer Do About Rising Land Taxes?

If you are a Vancouver based business with a retail location then you are no stranger to the unpredictable and seemingly unfair taxation system that is forcing many businesses, some iconic staples in our community, to close down. With land taxes in some areas doubling annually to reflect soaring residential property valuations the mom and […]

Avoid Disputed Invoices On Your Next Construction Job

Let’s be honest coming in under budget on a renovation or build is not as common as going over. Things happen that are often out of the control of the company that causes the client’s budget to be blown. Going over budget without properly managing your client’s expectations and understanding can leave you with disappointed […]

5 Accounting Mistakes Tradespeople Often Make

Being a tradesperson isn’t easy. The job comes with early mornings and long days spent managing clients, contractors, companies, and suppliers. The last thing you want to do when you come home is think about managing your accounting on top of everything else. That is why it’s very common for tradespeople to make these 5 […]

How Construction Trades can keep the CRA happy

As a tradesperson, you may think the taxation department is out to get you and to be honest you might be right. Construction is a red flag industry due to the number of small suppliers and short-term workers who do cash jobs. So we can’t stress enough how important it is to declare your income […]

5 Ways Retail Stores Can Become More Profitable.

Having a retail store is not easy especially in Vancouver. With increased property taxes hurting small businesses combined with the increase in online shopping, retailers need to stay savvy to survive the challenges they face. Most people shy away from knowing their numbers but given that we are bookkeepers (aka number nerds) we get a […]

Homeroom Client Of The Month: HÄLSA Spa

This month’s client of the month is Christian  James Mackenzie from HÄLSA Spa in Kits. HÄLSA Spa opened in December 2014 to provide a sanctuary for Vancouverites looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Featuring 4 floatation therapy rooms, 2 custom infrared saunas, 3 Massage rooms, and a beautiful sky-lit relaxation lounge this spa has […]

Homeroom E-Return: “I am digitally illiterate. How does the e-signature work?”

Forget that pen. Unplug that printer. Signing documents just got hella easier and funner. Let’s jump right in! Now that you know how to securely submit your online tax documentation, how do you sign all the paper we email your way without turning on your printer? Each year, we get more advanced and efficient with everything […]

Bittered Sling: Spice up your life with award-winning culinary and cocktail delights!

It’s all about the taste! Throw in a mix of select natural herbs, fruits and spices and enjoy an original culinary or cocktail creation bursting with flavour that ranges from savoury to sweet AKA bitters! We’re down with THAT!   Bittered Sling, the award-winning retail line of high-quality cocktail bitters and culinary extracts, is the brainchild of […]

Homeroom E-Return: “My tax return is too complex. How will I properly explain my situation?”

Is your tricky tax situation keeping you in the dark?  | Photo by Alexas_Fotos via Pixabay   By now, you’re probably feeling a bit more keen to dip your toes into the world of online tax filing, and save yourself time and money! But what about that extra self-employment income you earned mid-year after your messy […]

Homeroom E-Return: “Is it secure to submit my tax docs online?”

  Look up at the bright sky dotted with tiny humans dangling off stringed balloons, and you might wonder why anyone would want to take such a beautifully vicious plunge to their death. Statistically, however, paragliding is as safe as driving. And just like driving or if you are inclined, paragliding, submitting your personal tax documentation online […]