Focus on your business. We’ll take care of the numbers.

Gain clarity over your finances and make better decisions. Let us rescue you from your bookkeeping

Homeroom’s origin story begins in Vancouver, the year is 2009…

Western Canada’s largest city was suffering from a dearth of accountable and affordable bookkeeping companies and accounting firms. Small businesses across the land had no place to drop off their bookkeeping and no one to fight for their finances.


On a dark and cloudy day, a small business owner met with her accountant in his office.

Teya Mali was recovering from her own financial failure and planning her next steps. Wanting to be a restaurant owner, she had put her heart and soul into an existing catering business—including a $5,000 deposit. Within two weeks, she had to walk away from the deal, losing everything.

But a seed had been planted in her accountant’s mind.

In the time they worked together, Teya had inadvertently revealed her secret powers—she proved adept at numbers—and they didn’t go unnoticed. Recognizing Vancouver’s problem, he suggested she open her own Vancouver accounting firm.

With that, Homeroom Small Business Solutions was born.

That night, Teya became the Lady in Charge. She vowed to fight for small businesses’ finances across the rainy Vancity to make sure no other business suffered her fate.

But she couldn’t do it alone.

Enter Right Hand Gal (Allysia Lewis), The Gatekeeper (Anja Konjicanin) and Numerical Ninja (Luke Jensen).

Experienced and diverse team.

Together, the Homeroom League’s experienced bookkeepers and tax accountants strive to balance your financial records, provide you with the tools you need to achieve prosperity, and ultimately, help you see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Homeroom to the rescue!

Business finances are not for the faint at heart and shouldn’t be done on your own, so don’t stress out, enlist the Homeroom League! No matter how bad you think your books are, they’re never as bad as you think and our skilled accounting firm here in Vancouver can always help.

Reach out. It’s really that simple.

Activate the Homeroom signal by booking an intake call or a tax appointment. Our Vancouver accounting firm is here to listen, answer your questions (any question—there’s no such thing as a stupid one), and help you better understand your unique situation.

Meet the Team

Teya Jensen

Superhero in the office and super mom at home, what drives the Lady in Charge? Her four-year-old son Jules! Being a single mom and a business owner comes with its challenges—but she thrives on overcoming challenges! The Lady in Charge starts the good fight for finances at 5am and doesn’t stop until 5pm. Yoga and meditation helps this superhero stay grounded amid the fast-paced world of bookkeeping and taxes.
Teya Jensen
Lady In Charge

Anja Konjicanin

An intricate and well-molded pick-and-choose process, The Gatekeeper carefully assesses clients‘ bookkeeping needs to ensure Homeroom is the perfect fit. The Gatekeeper must always be on her A-game. Always alert. Anja’s keen sense of observation and a knack for accurate gut instinct paired with past experience help guide her decision process. She refers to the in-house on-boarding manual, which serves as her Homeroom Ideal Client Bible.
Anja Konjicanin
The Gatekeeper

Allysia Lewis

A box of unsorted receipts and invoices is paradise for the Number Cruncher. With her powers she transforms this unkempt pile into a beautifully organized profit and loss statement so you can better understand your business. But the Number Cruncher didn’t always crunch numbers. She spent fifteen years in the customer service and quality control industry, dreaming about a time when she could work with her true love—numbers…
Allysia Lewis
Right Hand Gal

Sean Lee

Delivering, consistently, clean and accurate financial reports are Sean’s top priority. An unbalanced reconciliation report or a messy profit and loss statement sends Sean into a frenzy. It must be done right, is his motto!
Sean Lee
The Number Cruncher

Kaori Kato

Born in Japan and after working in Japan for 6 years, she decided to start a new life in Vancouver. Kaori brings extreme organization skills to our team: she is the first responder to emails, organizes client documents, and supports team members. She is still new in the accounting world, but her detailed eye catches all anomales. Nothing gets by Kaori! She is a quick learner and enjoys learning more about bookkeeping and taxes. After work, she enjoys walking the Seawall and making bread!
Kaori Kato
The Organizer

Shantu Parmer

Shantu Parmar is a licensed CPA from Montana (USA), a member of the Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia (CPABC), and holds an MBA from the University of Canada West (Vancouver, Canada). He is also a qualified postgraduate (Master of Commerce) and Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in accounting. He brings more than a decade of experience in auditing & accounting to the Homeroom team. He is also a gifted linguist that can speak English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati. He can also manage a bit of Punjabi and Kiswahili.

When not working, you can find him riding his Harley playing sports and enjoying lakes & mountains during Summer.

Shantu Parmer
Numerical Ninja

Chanelle Martens

Chanelle may be new to the big wide world of accounting and bookkeeping, but numbers and spreadsheets are all familiar to her! Chanelle has a Bachelors of Science where she became well acquainted with data and fell in love with spreadsheets. She grew up in Manitoba but the west was calling so she moved to British Columbia where she spends her free time either making pottery or enjoying the outdoors (even in the rain!). .

Chanelle Martens
Digital Master

Jake Gosden

Jake moved to BC from Ontario in 2023. With a background in Engineering and Outdoor Adventure Tourism, Jake always had a knack for business and a love for working with numbers. Business and Accounting classes were where he thrived, and he is eager to continue to learn more about bookkeeping and taxes. When he isn't crunching numbers you will find Jake travelling, acting, hiking, rock climbing, camping, Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), adding to my movie collection

Jake Gosden
Data Diver

Michelle Chand

Michelle has been part of the Homeroom team for the past six years. Starting as an intern and moving her way up the ranks, Homeroom has been where she honed her professional skills. While she began her career in the Vancouver office, Michelle now resides in Edmonton and works her magic remotely. Through all of the moves and transitions that Michelle has made over the past six years, her impeccable style and business acumen have remained at a consistently high level. When she hangs up her mighty, bedazzled cape, Michelle loves to spend time with her family and friends. She also loves to cook and enjoy authentic cultural food.

Michelle Chand
Business Master

How We Roll

Although we embrace our superhero personalities in the office, our alter egos like to kick back and relax from time to time and experience what Vancity has to offer. Check out some pics from our most recent adventures.