Vancouver 2009…

Western Canada’s largest city was suffering from a dearth of accountable and affordable bookkeeping companies and accounting firms. Small businesses across the land had no place to drop off their bookkeeping and no one to fight for their finances.


On a dark and cloudy day, a small business owner met with her accountant in his office. Teya Mali was recovering from her own financial failure and planning her next steps. Wanting to be a restaurant owner, she had put her heart and soul into an existing catering business—including a $5,000 deposit. Within two weeks, she had to walk away from the deal, losing everything.

But a seed had been planted in her accountant’s mind. In the time they worked together, Teya had inadvertently revealed her secret powers—she proved adept at numbers—and they didn’t go unnoticed. Recognizing Vancouver’s problem, he suggested she open her own Vancouver accounting firm.

Homeroom Small Business Solutions was born. That night, Teya became the Lady in Charge. She vowed to fight for small businesses’ finances across the rainy Vancity to make sure no other business suffered her fate.

But she couldn’t do it alone. Enter Number Cruncher (Allysia Lewis), The Gatekeeper (Anja Konjicanin) and Numerical Ninja (Luke Jensen).

Together, the Homeroom League’s experienced bookkeepers and tax accountants strive to balance your financial records, provide you with the tools you need to achieve prosperity, and ultimately, help you see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Business finances are not for the faint at heart and shouldn’t be done on your own, so don’t stress out, enlist the Homeroom League! No matter how bad you think your books are, they’re never as bad as you think and our skilled accounting firm here in Vancouver can always help.

Activate the Homeroom signal by booking an intake call or a tax appointment. We’re ready to help you gain clarity on your finances so you can make better decisions and focus on your business. Our Vancouver accounting firm is here to listen, answer your questions (any question—there’s no such thing as a stupid one), and help you better understand your unique situation.

Meet Our Team

Teya Mali

Lady In Charge

Superhero in the office and super mom at home, what drives the Lady in Charge? Her four-year-old son Jules! Being a single mom and a business owner comes with its challenges—but she thrives on overcoming challenges! The Lady in Charge starts the good fight for finances at 5am and doesn’t stop until 5pm. Yoga and meditation helps this superhero stay grounded amid the fast-paced world of bookkeeping and taxes.

Alter ego Teya Mali lives to spend time with her son—now riding a two-wheeler, swimming, and building model airplanes (almost by himself)—and to travel—whether its visiting her family in Slovenia or exploring the sunny beaches of Mexico, it doesn’t take much to get her on a plane.

She fuels her superpowers with an unwavering belief that regular healthy meals are the most important thing we do every day. So you can often find her cooking up something delicious for herself and Jules.

Anja Konjicanin

The Gatekeeper

The Gatekeeper holds a marvelous power of dealing with all the incoming leads. An intricate and well-molded pick-and-choose process, The Gatekeeper carefully assesses clients‘ bookkeeping needs to ensure Homeroom is the perfect fit. The Gatekeeper must always be on her A-game. Always alert. Anja’s keen sense of observation and a knack for accurate gut instinct paired with past experience help guide her decision process. She refers to the in-house on-boarding manual, which serves as her Homeroom Ideal Client Bible.

The Gatekeeper comes from superhero royalty, being born into a family of journalists speaking truth to power in Visoko, Bosnia, before moving to Vancouver via Germany and Slovenia. With straight cut bangs and blue eye shadow, The Gatekeeper held a dream in her stuffed bear backpack that one day she’d join a kick-ass bookkeeping company fighting the good fight.

Before she took on her bookkeeping duties at Homerooom, she cut her chops in the media world, and shut down the Vancouver Observer’s website with an article about the Beebs himself.
Alter ego Anja Konjicanin fight is for glory and fame, crushing her opponents at the ping pong table or on the volleyball court. She also enjoys blogging, restaurant hopping, and laughing. But watch out, when crossed, this supergal is no stranger to the trash talk and will snap you into oblivion.
When she is not pouring over endless client intake forms, she is preparing Homeroom weekly blog posts, snapping pictures around the office, helping out with the bookkeeping, or drinking coffee.

Allysia Lewis

Right Hand Gal

A box of unsorted receipts and invoices is paradise for the Number Cruncher. With her powers she transforms this unkempt pile into a beautifully organized profit and loss statement so you can better understand your business. But the Number Cruncher didn’t always crunch numbers. She spent fifteen years in the customer service and quality control industry, dreaming about a time when she could work with her true love—numbers…

After completing her diploma in accounting and payroll, she responded to the Homeroom signal when the league was looking for a new bookkeeper. The Number Cruncher was born.
Alter ego Allysia Lewis is also a superhero at home as a single mom to her two little boys. Outside the office, she can be found roaming the streets of Port Coquitlam with her sons; indulging in HBO, a good book, or some good tunes; and spending time with friends and family…

Michelle Chand

Task Buster

Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Task Buster has been perfecting her gift of swift task busting since long before she graduated from CDI College in 2015. Diva-style! With over five years of customer service experience under her bedazzled belt, Michelle is smart, friendly and outgoing. Always on point, she is the baby of Homeroom. Michelle might be the youngest, but don‘t let her innocent face fool you. 

Task Buster is sweet as pie but when it comes to zapping multiple work tasks at a time, she is a beast with glorious power. A human task taser, she can dance to hip-hop/ reggae/ pop while sorting through piles of receipts in a sort of euphoric trance. Stop. And then shift her focus on a whole new project, be it scanning or shredding, or answering the phone. Zap, zap, zap. Task Buster will have red-carpet material selfies to Snap Chat her impressive results as proof. She’ll instantaneously stun her to-do list and a gang of miscellaneous assignments coming at her, full speed, from all sides with grace, and a smirk.

Her young and wild personality, along with major fashion flair, makes her the perfect office girl-chat partner.

In between juggling Homeroom with her own business on the side, and dreams of one day adding Professional Make-Up Vlogger to her resume, Task Buster likes to hang with her family, catch up on her fitness by chasing her favourite two-year-old nephew (who loves to pull her long hair and steal her glasses), talk on the phone, and turn weekends into a blur of fun and excitement to share with the Homeroom team come Monday.

A true Fijian beauty inside and out, she is ALWAYS there to save the day!

Luke Jensen

Numerical Ninja

Loaded with a hoard of knowledge and weapons, the Numerical Ninja stealthily helps ensure all the work is done to the highest of standards – those of the Lady in Charge and Homeroom. If there is an issue, the Ninja will find it. While ninjas may be quiet, even invisible if needed, this ninja’s actions are loud! However, since based in Victoria, he gets to stay masked at times.

Raised in various parts of BC, a small town heart with big city savvy was bred into the alter ego Luke. Like many teens of his time he was caught by the travel bug and after a few years seeing the world with his identical twin, Luke settled in Vancouver working in the restaurant industry. However, unknown at the time something was calling to him out of the darkness, a strong interest in finance emerged, the numbers had called!!! A sailing to Victoria to attend University of Victoria followed. There was no turning back, Luke was now ensnared by the numbers. He studied business, finance and accounting while also doing an exchange in Japan. The Numerical Ninja transformation had begun. Upon graduation, Bachelor of Commerce degree in hand, a job at a local accounting firm paired with continued studies helped earn his accounting credentials. The evolution of the Numerical Ninja was complete…..watch out, there is nowhere to hide. When unmasked, Luke can be found playing pickup games of basketball, shredding Mt. Washington, trying to match his brother’s scorecard at one of the many amazing golf courses on Vancouver Island, or simply spending time with family and friends.

Sean Lee

The Number Cruncher

After completing the accounting diploma at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), Sean proudly calculated the perfect new path for himself as The Number Cruncher of Homeroom. Having 10 years of marketing and sales experience under his belt,  Sean has an acute sense of clients’ needs and provides top-notch bookkeeping service.

Delivering, consistently, clean and accurate financial reports are Sean’s top priority. An unbalanced reconciliation report or a messy profit and loss statement sends Sean into a frenzy. It must be done right, is his motto!

Outside of Homeroom, Sean enjoys long rides on his beloved black Trek bike. Heck, he even commutes on the bike to work, and not even the alarmingly steep staircase to the office door can deter Sean; he just carries it up!


Mayuri Chikane

The Financial Wizarad

After completing her undergraduate in Bachelor of Commerce in India and working for one of the Big Four global accounting firms, she felt a calling to make a move to the another corner of the world, and BAM! Just like that, she was here in Canada pursuing an accounting diploma at Humber College in the snowy city of Toronto. Upon graduation, the mountains were calling and she moved to ‘Beautiful British Columbia’. Once in BC she found herself loving the life here and the much warmer weather!! She is passionate towards accounting and continues to pursue her journey towards becoming a CPA charter holder. Making sure that her clients bookkeeping needs are met to the highest of standards, she completes tasks strategically and in an organized manner. Financials are what represent a business and to make sure they are perfect is what keeps her going. 

Accountant by day and a dreamer come night, Mayuri has a flair for numbers and passion for giving back to society. In her free time, she can be found playing basketball, trekking/traveling, volunteering, writing or simply spending time with her pets.

How We Roll

Although we embrace our superhero personalities in the office, our alter egos like to kick back and relax from time to time and experience what Vancity has to offer. Check out some pics from our most recent adventures.