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Facts about the Homeroom E-Return

Ever heard of an E-Return? Does the idea of submitting all your tax documents online scare the bejesus out of you? You are not alone. After years of boring in-person appointments with clients idly staring at the wall, as Homeroom owner Teya Jensen (formally, Mali) e-filed their returns, we quickly implemented the Homeroom E-Return. File from wherever, […]

Liquid Amber Tattoo: Local talent leaves a lasting mark with beautiful, unique art

Liquid Amber Tattoo owners Luvia Petersen and Justina Kervel, through persistence and perseverance, and lots of heart, helped shape tattoo industry into a business that is not bound by gender. | Photos by Jessie Robertson   “OMG, what am I doing with my life?” Even the hugely successful tattoo artist Luvia Petersen grappled with the occasional existential life […]

How to pay yourself as a corporation

So you have gone through the process of incorporating and have finally reached the super fun part: PAYING YOURSELF WOOOOOO. When it comes to paying yourself as a corporation, you have two options: You can either pay yourself a salary or you can pay yourself dividends. Which option makes the most sense for you is […]

Hack: I’ve incorporated. What’s next?

  You did it! Took the plunge and incorporated your small business. Great work! The next question is floating in your head is probably – Now what? Don’t panic! We are here to throw you a bookkeeping floaty to make sure you do not sink in the sometime cold and unnerving incorporation waters. FIRSTLY, make sure […]

Beginner’s Guide: Why incorporate?

Incorporating can be the best thing that ever happened to you and your small business or a wrecking ball moment that sinks you into poverty. Here are the pros and cons of incorporating: PROS You are NOT your business Separate Entity Reduces Personal Liability When you are a operating as a sole proprietor, your personal […]

Questions you should ask before you incorporate your small business

Say, “Holla” to Homeroom’s new small business incorporation series! Deciding to incorporate your small business can save you money and legal hassle down the road. Do it at the wrong time, though, and you’re looking at a barrage of fees coming at you faster than you can say, “Open for business!” So how do you […]

Xtreme-EffeX: Extremely creative and innovative design with impact

Imagine this: A beautiful four-story staircase with glass landings. You’re at the top floor, awestruck, as you glance down at the transparent tier and see the basement at the bottom of the house. Xtreme-EffeX,  Custom Design and Fabrication, has been making projects like this a reality for residential and commercial properties in Vancouver and throughout […]

Five ways your business will benefit from having a professional bookkeeper

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day business operations that you miss the little things that can add up to big and pricey mistakes. Whether it is a late GST filing or a missed payroll remittance payment, we are here to help with the financial side of your small business. Here are […]

Canada Day: Stat holiday pay. Are you eligible?

Fireworks, road trips, bubbles, smiles and fun. The long weekend is almost upon us with Canada Day celebrations at every corner. So before you lock up the office to celebrate Canada’s big 150th this long weekend let’s figure out if you are eligible for statutory holiday pay. In B.C., an employee is eligible if they’ve been employed for 30 calendar days […]

Why having a professional bookkeeper is important for the success of your business

The success of your business is OUR business. We have the big picture in mind. It is much more than posting income and expenses (though we can never have enough of that sweet click click click sound of the POSTED stamp as it graces your business receipts). Call us your personal bookkeeping miracle workers! We […]