Update to benefits for Individuals during COVID-19 – April 29th

CERB Eligibility change: if you have received $5000 or more in non-eligible dividends, you are now eligible to apply for the $2000/month benefit. Previously, dividends were not considered eligible income for CERB purposes.

BC Emergency Benefit for Workers: Applications open on May 1 online for this one time $1000 benefit. You must have been receiving the CERB to get this benefit, and you must have your 2019 taxes filed.

BC Temporary Rent Supplement Program: 

What is it: a benefit of $500 for a family or $300 for an individual

Who is eligible:

  1. Your 2019 income must be less than $74150 for an individual OR $113040 for a family
  2. As a result of COVID-19, you must be receiving either EI or the CERB or have a 25%  drop in monthly household employment income.

How to apply: the tenant starts the application; it gets approved by BC Housing; then the landlord will get an email from BC Housing to complete the application. 

More info here: https://www.bchousing.org/BCTRS

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