#ThursdayThoughts: When you realize that tax deadline be creeping up on you!

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The Number Cruncher Allysia is laughing a little too hard on the eve of her GST filing target date…Luckily for her, she’s on track and won’t let deadline stress get the best of her!

Who doesn’t love the P-word? Procrastinate. We all do it. Whether we are taking a break from spring cleaning to brush up on annual BC Budget or freaking out over an internet outage on a beautiful sunny day.

But what do you do when you wake up from a sweet dream of popcorn and butterflies and of doing nothing, and realize that tax deadline is standing right in front of you, evil laughing and pointing its long, wrinkly finger, shakily, at you?

Pop a gummy bear vitamin and do this:

  1. Sit down: Remember that April 30th is the deadline So, you have until 11.39pm on April 30th to file. Know that you are getting a refund? Even better. There are no late penalties for a tax refund. You goood.
  2. Request the Homeroom E-Return: We can’t promise an on-time filing at this point, but at least it will get done by a pro so who cares.
  3. Listen to your favourite song: Facing the cold hard fact you have not yet filed your tax return days before the deadline can cause the heart to beat faster than a car from Fate of the Furious.  Take a moment to forget by boogieing to your dearest jams. It won’t change the reality, but it will make you feel better and straighten out your thoughts.
  4. Pay the CRA online if you still haven’t. You’ve got until May 1st and online payments work like a (fast) charm
  5. Follow @HomeroomSBS on Twitter for fun and smart posts. You might even laugh….and learn something new
  6. Don’t have all your tax slips? Homeroom to the rescue. Read  this ASAP.

You got this!

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