It’s time to reclaim the winter blues!

winter blues, motivation, Blue Monday, exercise, health, wellbeingThe third week of January has often been labeled as the most depressing week of the year, starting with Blue Monday. The initial verve and optimism that comes with a new year has faded, holiday bills are coming in, and the rainy days seem here to stay.

But how true does this have to be? It turns out the myth surrounding Blue Monday is just that — a myth without much scientific research behind it. So turn that winter wallow into a winter win!

Use this time to reassess your goals and set short-term tangible ones. With tax time fast-approaching, getting your bookkeeping organized and taxes filed should be on the top of your list! Although procrastination may be in your genes, by tackling your bookkeeping bit by bit, you can make things easier on yourself and your tax preparer. If you need help with your bookkeeping and taxes, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have!

In the next couple of months, we’ll be reclaiming the winter blues and posting about getting into financial shape (with tips on what to write-off and CRA deadlines); physical shape (with exercises you can do at your desk); and mental shape (with ways to de-stress and unwind after a busy day). Scotiabank investment specialist Ken Cotiamco will also provide taxplanning, RRSP, and TFSA advice in an upcoming guest post.

You’ll come out of the season in your best. shape. ever. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and look out for the #HomeroomHealth hashtag.

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