So you think the in-person tax appointment is THE filing option for you?

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Even the Lone Wolf Kevin seeks occasional human contact, especially when it comes to filing his tax return. In a good handshake he trusts!


Last week, we profiled the Homeroom E-Return as part of our weekly blog series: “Which type of Homeroom tax filing option is perfect for you?

This week, we take a look at the in-person appointment with pros and cons (Yes!! and Oh, Poo!) through real-life inspired scenarios:


“I’m an old-school gal with a flair for reading people’s energy vibes. Basically, zero human contact is a deal breaker.”



By going with the in-person appointment, you get the perk of the face-to-face experience by sitting through your tax filing. That is, 30-60 minutes of sensing the Lady in Charge Teya’s presence as she works her tax magic in front of you!



You could be in your PJs….or at a human healing workshop. Submit your documentation electronically from wherever by requesting the Homeroom E-Return and let the pros take care of it. You have better things to do anyway, like saving emotional lives!


“I’m a go-getter guy with a sturdy handshake and a killer smile. If there is any chance this can help my tax return, I will take it.”



Work on your physique while you wait for the Lady in Charge to file your return on the spot. The upright sitting position can do wonders for your back! Walk out with your head held high.


Submitting online could have bought you more bathroom time as no appointment is required. Yes, more time to work on looking good!


“I’m the Queen of Questions. I need someone there to answer them ALL. I don’t care how much it costs!”



While the in-person appointment is the priciest option, it allows you to talk to the Lady in Charge directly as she files your tax return. She is there to answer all your questions as she simultaneously works on your return.


You could have requested the Homeroom E-Return and still had all your questions answered by scheduling a phone call. Sure the money is replaceable…but no one can bring back time…..

Look out for the blog post on dropping-off your tax documentation next week, or request an in-person appointment  here.