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Get all your ducks in a row with boundless inspiration!

Make work time a happy time, grow your business with industry tips, transform a bad day into an AWESOME day! Homeroom cooked up a little pick-me-up action to help make your day, no matter how sucky or amazing it already is!

Sometimes a self-affirming post-it stuck on your computer screen just doesn’t cut it. And other days you could use some help navigating the small business world.

Here are our favourite go-to blogs (in no particular order) for daily boosts of inspiration. They make us feel all summery inside…

Success Magazine

From goal-setting to positive thinking to reinvention to failure, Success Magazine is our go-to BFL (Blog For Life). A true to it’s word “road to success”!

Mashable Business

Mashable shares all kinds of cool stuff. Small Business tips, Startups, Advertising, Media. And when you’re tired of reading business posts, check out their Entertainment section for hearty LOL moments.

Jennifer Moore

We love to stalk our girl Jennie at to get tips on the number one bookkeeping software we use QuickBooks and learn about new apps in the bookkeeping industry.

Business in Vancouver (BIV)

There’s always something to see at BIV! Catchup on daily news briefs and weekly articles. Local company profiles, investments news, and more! Lady in Charge Teya gets hers mailed to her address weekly, and definitely notices when they do not come (it’s a long story, but when she moved addresses they stopped coming for a brief time, and Teya was sad.)


We give Entrepreneur a golden star! Highly recommend this for ALL Entrepreneurs  who are interested in growing their business/ launching a business. They even offer daily health tips to get you in the right mindset, so there is nothing holding you back from success, not even YOU!


You must have heard us talking about LedgerDocs SO SO SO many times before. But we love it. We use Ledgerdocs daily for inputting receipts into QuickBooks Online (QBO). Our clients use it. They adore it. But we also don’t forget to check out LedgerDocs blog to keep up with the program updates, and see what else is new!

Financial Post

It’s all kinds of awesome. We usually peep the Entrepreneur section. It never, ever fails to impress.


Forbes opens up with a quote of the day. Nice, right? A shot of business inspiration in your face from the start! How can you not want to read on? We sure put in some good time reading Forbes.

Fast Company

They’ve got titles that hook, they grab you hard, and don’t let go! “6 thing you’re doing that you’ll seriously regret in 10 years.” Like, how can you not want to click on THAT?

While similar to some of the blogs we mentioned above, is its own gem with lots of GREAT reads, and a definite inspiration booster. Three big YES, YES, YES for all things business, technology and more!

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What are you reading to get inspired in business and life?


Avoid procrastination, after reading this


Even The Number Cruncher, Allysia Lewis gets occasionally sidetracked by the internet……

Virtually everyone is prone to procrastination. A new Donald Trump meme can induce low-brow fun and hysteria even for the most focused cat person ….and put that important tax preparation on the back burner.

The Lady in Charge Teya was interviewed by the CBC about the topic of procrastination. This was fitting for two reasons:

A lot of people procrastinate about organizing their bookkeeping and taxes (even when the tax deadline April 30, 2016 is peeking like a creepy clown behind a wall). As a the owner of a bookkeeping company Teya’s job is to help business owners become more organized and meet their CRA submission deadlines.

As perpetual procasters, we have found that Teya has an impeccable ability to avoid distractions (such as social media) and get things done. (If we could nominate her for the “least likely to procrastinate” award, we would.)

You can get there, too–we all can! Stick to the following five tips to really increase your productivity.

1. Outsource

Starting a new business can be quite costly so it is common for business owners to take on the initial roll of “everything to everyone” in order to keep costs low.

Although this isn’t a bad way to start, as time goes on and the business grows this workload can begin to become unbearable. This is where the procrastination starts.

According to an article by Phyllis Lokki in the New York Times the larger your workload the more likely you are to become overwhelmed and start procrastinating.

This is why outsourcing certain tasks is really important. It allows you to reduce your workload, free up some of your time and focus on your strengths.

For example: Teya has outsourced writing this blog to me because she is so busy making sure your taxes are filed on time 🙂

2. Lists, lists, lists and more lists

Write everything down and prioritize your important tasks. It is easy to use small tasks as a method of procrastination because they give a false sense of productivity.

Think about the revenue each task will bring you and then prioritize accordingly.

For example: Vacuuming your bedroom floor, although necessary, will bring $0 to your business so it should be last of your list. Completing work for your client will bring in revenue so it should be a priority (you can then use this income to outsource your vacuuming)

3.Limit your social media usage

This is easier said than done, especially when social media is so prominent in most people lives.

Time your usage. Create a social media plan that allows you to fit your daily social media into 20 minutes per day and stick to it OR outsource your social media management to an employee or to a firm.

It is very easy to get caught in a social media vortex. All it takes is for you click on a one link and before you know it 2 hours have passed.

4. Make sure you take breaks

Breaks allow you to refresh your mind. There are several studies that reveal taking a break to eat your lunch or to go for a walk actually increases your productivity.

So stop eating at your desk and enjoy some fresh air.

5. Only check your emails twice a day

Emails are often a procrastinators drug of choice. Don’t get me wrong they are important. However,  it is easy to fall into the trap of checking them 300 times a day.

You need to limit the time you spend with your emails so that you can focus on other important tasks.

Most people are happy/ pleasantly surprised by a same day turnaround. So even if you only respond to emails once in the morning and once in the afternoon that is usually all you need to ensure positive feedback from your customers.

A great tip suggested by Timothy Ferriss author of The 4 Hour Work Week is to set up an email response that lets your clients know exactly when and on what day you check and respond to your emails so you can manage their expectations.

Tax time doesn’t have to be a pain in the back!

Superhero business tax team Vancouver

Supercharge your health this tax season, and beyond! Homeroom Bookkeeping‘s got it going on: stand-up desks,  fruit and nuts, and now….delicious, daily stretches. Because tax season doesn’t have to be a pain in the back! By Anja Konjicanin aka Office Gal

It’s 11 am. The phone alarm gently shakes the front desk with a soft vibrate accompanied with lively beats of Sencha sound. The Homeroom team makes subtle eye contact. It’s time. The daily grind comes to a halt, receipts drop, bookkeeping calls are left unattended. This is the time to get up and stretch. Yes, a full-on body stretch with the fellow work mates!

“I really needed this,” says The Lone Wolf, Kevin as he stands up in slow-mo, visibly enjoying every step of the getting-up process.

He turns to The Number Cruncher, Allysia who is already on her feet, rolling her neck, eyes closed, in what can best be described as pure bliss.

While financial fitness is important, (remember to get those books in tiptop shape to meet tax deadlines!), it’s even more important to stay physically healthy so you can enjoy a long, happy, pain-free life. You might even dream about tackling those pesky tasks with a fresh boost of energy and vigor… and smiles.

The team shakes out of zombie mode and proceeds to the centre of the room where we face each other for a regular game of “Who’s Going to Laugh First?” Then, it begins. We start with juicy neck rolls.

Chin up, we turn our necks side to side. Pause and hold each side. With our chin pointed down toward our chest, Office Gal notices a forgotten paper clip begging to be saved from the carpet’s furry grip. We continue to roll our chins from shoulder to shoulder in a gentle half-circle.

It’s another day at Homeroom. Following the successful completion of our consistency challenge (and stellar cash prizes!), we vowed to commit to daily stretches. Every day, every two hours. Office Gal programmed her giant iPhone to ring at 11, 1 and 3 so we never forget. Ever. Get up every two hours to stretch, reflect, re-energize.

“Sitting is worse than smoking” said a certain health advocate when he exposed the secret to zero back pain during a brief visit to us: a list of seven short steps to breaking the spell of chronic sitting, which a gazillion studies have found directly impacts cardiovascular and metabolic function. Healthy people disintegrate behind the desk.

Dude, stretching is easy and feels so good. A reason to stop working, if only for four- and-a-half minutes. Two minutes if you power through it like Office Gal usually does.

The Lady in Charge, Teya quickly finishes up the email she’s working on. She guiltily runs to join the circle. Teya’s late but she knows the routine: neck mobilization, shoulder and upper back opener, wrist and hand stretch, Good Morning Twists, YTUW Back, glutes and hamstring hinge action, split stance tilt, ankle circles…

As we lean back, in a split stance tilt, forming a natural stride while keeping our heels pushed to the ground and hips forward, we check in on how the day is going.

“How you doin’?”

“Doing good. You?”

Two people at the office across from us casually walk by, do a double take along with a curious “What the–?” expression before slowly walking away as if they saw nothing. One of our clients walks in on us and joins the fun.

“This is great!” she says, flopping into position.

The Office Gal giddily laughs at the thought of another stretch and prepares for her favourite move: the ankle and wrist rolls AKA The Bollywood.

“We should add a bounce”, she suggests, looking for a sign of affirmation from the team. She lets out a hearty chuckle at her own idea. The Number Cruncher smiles with her.

“I have your back.”

Communications Guru, Yvonne quickly moves to another part of the room. The eye contact with the coworkers along with the inevitable laugh factor proves to be too much.

It’s time for Good Morning Twists. As we do the prayer mode stretch with arms crossed against our chest followed by a bow to get the blood flowing and hips moving, sticking our bums out with a slight bend, we breathe in and out.We gracefully extend our legs and neck looking at the ceiling. The radio provides a suitable backdrop of rhythm that seems to fit with every move.

Can staying healthy be almost as much fun as sifting through people’s gloriously overflowing shoe-boxes of scented receipts and random, unique objects that live among them? Yes, yes it can!

Give your body special treatment (it’s almost Valentine’s Day!) with these quick and easy exercises. Pitch the idea to your bosses and family and friends. Tell them Homeroom made you do it. Don’t be afraid to give them our number.

Stay tuned for next week’s post of all our moves, so you can get in on the action!