Catch up on your bookkeeping NOW

Bookkeeping, Vancouver, Small Business
Boo. It’s a hard-knock life….when you’re WAY behind…..

Does it feel like there’s never enough time to get to your bookkeeping? With the business expanding, do you find bookkeeping moves lower and lower on your To-Do list until it’s relegated to that nagging voice in the back of your mind?

Worry no more; Homeroom’s got your back. Come see us this fall to get on track and organized for 2016. Let’s get to know each other over a bookkeeping intake call where you can tell us what you need and we’ll tell you about Homeroom. If you like what you hear, we’ll set up an in-person meeting with the Lady in Charge.

Having organized books is important and helps you avoid an audit or limits the pain of an audit if it happens — with clean books, the CRA are able to finish sooner. It also saves time when you file and gives you a clear picture of your business’ financials.

Professional bookkeepers make sure you aren’t missing anything and that you’re getting as many breaks as possible, while keeping you aware of your business’ overall financial health by sending profit and loss statements and balance sheets.

Let us focus on what we love — your books! — so you can focus on what you love — your business!