Tax Installment Series: Paying your income tax by installments

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Tax installments never looked cuter…

Whether you spell it “instalment” or “installment”, it comes down to this: If you have ever been hit with a large tax bill on April 30th, you’ve probably considered changing your plans the following year and making either regular or occasional installment payments, to avoid the same shock happening the following year.

As part of our new blog series, we will look at paying your net tax owing by installments and answer these two common questions such as:

  • what items to consider when deciding if you have to pay by tax installments and why you should pay by tax installments
  • when do you have to pay your 2018 installments and how to calculate your installment payment

Get ready for cool and informative weekly posts on one of our most asked questions, especially during tax time. Amazing conversation starter alert.

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