Does the idea of dropping-off your taxes give you the smileys?

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As part of our fun and timely tax-filing blog series, we looked at the in-person tax appointment and the Homeroom E-Return as two great ways to get’er done. But not everybody has the luxury of sitting through their tax-filing or lounging on their bed and snapping pictures of their tax documentation and submitting electronically, especially with Netflix in the way.

This week, we cover the Homeroom’s drop-off option for the swamped and the practical. Simply, drop and go. Leave the rest to us.


Here are some pros and cons (Yes!! and Oh, Poo!) of dropping-off your taxes at our office:


“I’m a busy lady. If I was a fictional character, I would be The White Rabbit from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Wigged out, clutching a watch, and late”



Homeroom’s drop-off option allows you to pop by our office anytime during our business hours to drop-off your tax documentation. The Homeroom’s lively team will offer you a cup of water to catch your breath while we get some of your personal information eg: Address, SIN #, and make sure nothing has changed since last year if you are an existing client. Then we will send you on your merry way to catch that appointment you’re running late for 🙂


You could have saved yourself loads of time by requesting the Homeroom E-Return. Simply, snap pictures or scan your tax paperwork to us from wherever, whenever. It’s never too late to submit to us electronically. Unless it’s AFTER April 30th……


“Tech is wack. I need to see to whom I am handing off my precious tax docs. Even if it is the second priciest option you offer. Things get lost in the interwebs, and I do not want to see my  T4 sold on Craigslist to the highest bidder.”



We hear you. Drop off your tax paperwork at our office to ensure it is personally received by our staff. Got separation anxiety? Stay as we label your folder and neatly put it away into the “to be filed” section in the back. We will offer encouraging words like, “It is in safe hands” and, “We will courier or mail your folder back as soon as we file your tax return.”



You could have kept all your documentation and securely submitted all your tax documentation to us electronically from wherever by requesting the Homeroom E-Return. We would ensure all your files have been received and would have scheduled a phone call if your tax situation proved hairy. Next time, next time!


“I’m a babe-on-the-go. I’d rather drop and run. There’s always someone waiting for me, talking to me…looking at me..”



Our drop-off option allows you to quickly submit all your tax docs to us in person. It is deal for anyone who prefers to personally hand-off their taxes but has no time to watch their taxes get filed.


By requesting the Homeroom E-Return, you could have submitted all your tax docs electronically while having lunch at your fave cafe. Now you have to run and the idea of messing up your hair is giving you the freaks…

You are welcome to drop off your taxes at our office Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.


We will be closed on Friday, April 14th for Easter long weekend.

Happy Easter!

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