Is the Homeroom E-Return the ideal tax-filing option for YOU?

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The scrap piece of paper floating above the Number Cruncher Allysia’s head comes from a family of reused receipts, serving as the ideal platform for chicken scratch.

When filing a tax return using a new method can sometimes be mysterious and daunting.

Ask yourself these simple questions when trying to determine if the Homeroom E-Return is the best method for you to use when filing your income taxes.

Q. Do you like to roll to the beat of your own drum and do things on your schedule?


The Homeroom E-Return allows you to file from wherever, whenever. All you need is a steady Wi-Fi connection and a laptop or phone. Simply, request the E-Return here and we will email you the instructions on how to securely submit your tax documentation through our online portal.


LIAR!! Nobody seriously enjoys planning their day around other people!! We get it though, change is tough and taking your schedule into your own hands can feel weird and selfish. But it’s not!! Be a rebel! Learn to do you for a change!


We know that by submitting online you won’t have a reason to pop into our fabulous office space to get the scoop on the Lady in Charge Teya’s recent wedding or to join in on the fun and casual daily stretches. But it’s going to be ok, we will find new ways to entertain and update you that you can enjoy on your own schedule 😉


Q. Do you like to have a clear expectation of what your tax return will cost?


Homeroom lists all of their prices upfront and will confirm in advance which option applies to you so that you can make an informed decision prior to submitting all of your documents (see the  Homeroom rate here). All of our rates are based on our E-Return structure.

Many well know tax agencies have their basic price listed then sting you for every additional piece of paper you hand over.


I hate to say this twice in one post but seriously, LIAR!! If you really want to feel like the cost of your return is a mystery then, by all means, let us know and we can block out the amount in all our correspondence up until the invoice. We don’t want you to feel like you are missing out on some tax time payment roulette.

Life will be clear and easy and you won’t get to tell your friends about how terrible tax time is and make excuses for not filing your return!

Q. Do you care about the environment and love sloths?


Save paper and leave more trees for the sloths by using our super cool online Homeroom E-Return option. All forms are electronically signable. No printer or scanner required. Do it all from your phone! No need to print countless pages of your tax return. We will securely email you your final copy, with an option to print if you reeeeally wish. Additionally, by not leaving your house you will also be saving gas making the world a cleaner, healthier, forever home for us all.


Ok seriously! What kind of monster doesn’t like sloths?????????????????? We have nothing left to say!


Yes, your friends might call you a hippy for caring about the environment but you are strong, you’ll survive this mocking by knowing that the entire Homeroom team thinks you are an environmental hero.

Request the Homeroom E-Return here, or stay tuned for next week’s blog post that will feature the in-person tax appointment.

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