What is the Homeroom E-return?

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Here’s what you need to do:

  • Request an e-return online
  • We’ll email you instructions on how to upload your documents
  • Snap pictures of your T4s, etc., and securely upload them
  • Homeroom processes your paperwork and contacts you with any questions
  • Homeroom sends you a tax return draft in PDF format
  • You approve by electronically signing
  • Homeroom e-files your taxes
  • Homeroom sends you your filed tax return PDF


Save time and money (and paper!) by getting the best Homeroom rate. No paying for parking, no sitting in traffic, no waiting for your appointment.


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  1. Elizabeth Walker
    Elizabeth Walker says:

    Hi Homeroom,
    Does this effect my PST returns, or is this only directed to my year end for myself and my family? Let me know! Thanks!

    Is there an e-return for my PST that I can use?


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