THIS: Submit ALL your tax docs by April 20 to ensure an on-time filing (and happy hair)!

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Kudos for getting the tax-filing process started! If you’ve already received the final PDF of your tax return, you should be celebrating, not reading this!!

If you’ve been emailing with us back and forth but haven’t submitted ALL your tax docs, there’s still time!

Upload your tax documents to us by Friday, April 20, at 4PM to guarantee an on-time return.


If you are just getting around to doing your taxes, no problemo. Request the Homeroom E-Return here for a speedy and hassle-free tax-filing. No appointment required, and you’ll get the best Homeroom rate.

Complete our tax intake form here. We will email you instructions on how to securely upload your tax documents as soon as we receive your completed form.

Call the office at 604-739-9536 if you have any questions!

Happy long weekend, y’all, and here’s to meeting those deadlines!



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