Homeroom Client Of The Month: HÄLSA Spa

This month’s client of the month is Christian  James Mackenzie from HÄLSA Spa in Kits.

HÄLSA Spa opened in December 2014 to provide a sanctuary for Vancouverites looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
Featuring 4 floatation therapy rooms, 2 custom infrared saunas, 3 Massage rooms, and a beautiful sky-lit relaxation lounge this spa has everything you need to relax and maintain a healthy mind and body.
We asked Christian a few questions about his business, and here’s what we learned

When did you open your business?

We opened in December of 2014 (3 years!)

What do you enjoy most about being a business owner?

Our business is really about providing sanctuary and relaxation to people – seeing stressed people come in and relaxed people leave always feels so gratifying!

What motivated you to start your own business?

Having had a number of businesses in the past, I wanted to start something that aligned with my values and contributed to the health and sanity of my community.

Top tip for anyone considering floatation therapy:

Try it! It really is unlike any other environment on Earth and there’s something so deeply nourishing about totally unplugging for 90 minutes, able to drift into total relaxation and calm.

The fave project/ job you were part of?

I LOVED the conceptual and design stages! Really thinking about how people would use the space and paying attention to all the little details that go into delivering exceptional experiences gets me excited!

Describe your ‘a-ha’ moment

A couple: About a month after signing the lease, coming into the space and seeing it totally gutted with 6 foot high piles of dirt on the floor for plumbing …… acutally, that was more of an “Uh oh!”.

A big “A Ha!” has been getting clearer about my strengths and gifts and recognizing where I really need help – enter Homeroom! 😉

What’s your #1 motivator?

Providing a time and space for people to unplug and recharge, to discover and foster their innate abilities to relax and let go, a place of true sanity in a world that sometimes feels pretty crazy.

What’s your vision for the business?

I’d like for more people to experience the space, and if Providence allows, to have more HÄLSAs that contribute to a greater appreciation for the importance of relaxation in our culture.

What advice do you have for other people who would like to start their own business?

Try and identify your strengths and weaknesses and surround yourself with authentic people that can support you!

How do you achieve a work/ life balance?

Still getting a feel for this… Now that we’ve sort of hit our stride and I’m learning to delegate more, I’m finding more personal time. Have also found Floating to be VERY helpful in alleviating stress and keeping me even and calm in all the inevitable ups and downs of a business.

Who could benefit from your services?

See above! 😉 Really, anyone that lives in the city or has any stress in their lives – basically, people with a pulse! The float environment is also conducive to creative insights so can help breakthrough any creative blocks.

It was great learning more about HÄLSA Spa and the benefits of floating. It’s definitely a place we hope to find ourselves after tax season!!

You can connect with HÄLSA Spa in Kitsilano on Facebook.

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