#FridayFeeling: How are we doing at the busiest time of year?

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While many tax firms slave away, droopy-shouldered and sad-faced, to meet their deadlines by working late nights, skipping meals, and glaring at their computer screens until their eyes cry, the Homeroom team is chill. Zero stress, no overtime hours, and everyone’s happy! And we’re hitting goals. So, what’s the secret to work-time bliss? 


“Want chocolate?” the Solution Seeker Alan bounced out of the office kitchen area grinning, holding a thin, rectangular package in his hands.

We all motioned, ” YES!”

“It’s green!” noticed the Gatekeeper Anja as she hesitantly broke off a piece and popped it into her mouth.

“It tastes like white chocolate,” added the Task Buster Michelle. She stopped and chewed slowly, looking half scared and half amused, seemingly concentrating on the flavours of the melting chocolate.

“It’s matcha. It means green tea,” confirmed Alan, who’s had green chocolate before and approves of its healthier-than-most-chocolate benefits. “Oh, wait! The package says there’s also white chocolate in there.”

“I knew it!” Michelle jumped to her feet. “I know my chocolate!”

The Lady in Charge Teya took a bite. Her face scrunched up. “Green chocolate? I can taste very little chocolate in here….”


It’s April, and this is our  busiest time of the year. For real, though.


It’s 3pm. The Gatekeeper Anja has one more hour left to go. (She is not keeping track but this blog assignment begs keen observation skills!) She had graduated from slight head banging to outsinging the radio that is blasting fun throwback beats from behind, like N’Sync’s “Bye, Bye, Bye” and K-Ci and JoJo’s “Crazy.”

Anja is working at a leisurely pace to finish up next week’s tasks. Yes, she is ahead and loving it. She stops to gulp down some fresh H2O, laughs about nothing, and continues to work. No, she is not stressed. She is happy.

Her phone shakes the desk gently and rings a chirpy tune to notify the team: It’s time to stretch.

As we get into our regular circular stretch formation, and open chests to the ceiling, Homeroom client Monique Harris, owner of Moksha Yoga East Vancouver, walks in. She pauses at the door with a smile: “Wow! It’s like I walked into my studio”.

The Number Cruncher Allysia stretches her legs to the water machine to fill up. The Lone Wolf Kevin has  just returned from his lunch break. He’s on track and feeling good. He stops to chat with Allysia about the sixth ROE he had to do this week.

Teya is powering though Homeroom E-Returns behind her stand-up desk. “I’m on a roll!” She even has time to leave early to pick up her son Jules from school. Thanks to our secure online tax submissions, there hasn’t been many tax appointments. More free time for clients, and speedier filings for us!

Life at the office is good.

So, how are we able to reach a stress-free, no overtime, goal smashing work pace? Because in the midst of a busy, fast-paced day, we don’t forget to stop and taste the chocolate!




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