Yoga in the Workplace

We all know the benefits of regular exercise; improved sleep, illness prevention, improved mental health and increased productivity. So it is no surprise that introducing a team wellness initiative to your workplace via a practice such as yoga can improve the overall productivity of your staff and improve the morale within your business.

In addition to improving the way everyone works within your business yoga can also ensure that your employee’s take fewer days off work by reducing the biggest cause of employee health issues, STRESS.

In Hong Kong, a busy metropolis, more and more employers are discovering the benefits of hiring outside firms to help their employees relax and reduce the amount of stress they experience at work.

Dario Calvaruso the creator of Holistic Wellness & Yoga in Hong Kong saw the benefit of keeping employees relaxed at work. So he began offering companies a series of in-office programs that are designed to reduce employee stress.

In an interview with CNN reporter Diego Laje, Dario Calvaruso stated that “The wellness of employees is the wellness of the company; the very strength of a company is its employees,”

Hong Kong is not the only city that is seeing the benefits of workplace wellness. There are several companies within Vancouver that also offer employee wellness services, who will come to your office.

But what if I am a small business owner with a limited budget?

If you are a small business owner and hiring an outside firm is not feasible then you can always run your own wellness initiatives. For example each Homeroom employee received a health and wellness bonus at the beginning of the year so that they could purchase a yoga pass. Team members then check in with each regularly to ensure they all stay motivated and healthy.

Yoga has helped our team reduce their stress levels during the busy tax season.

What if I hate yoga?

Yoga is a very popular activity within Vancouver however it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Regular exercise in general, whatever it may be, is great for reducing your stress and improving all aspects of your life.

The benefit of yoga is that it can be practiced daily within your workplace as you don’t need a lot of space or a lot of time to benefit from it’s stress relieving properties.

Shameless Plug

If you are looking for a way to kickstart your businesses wellness initiative then join our one month charity yoga challenge that starts September 1st 2014.

We have sourced discounted yoga, prizes and created the rules. All you need is 4 or more people and $100 dollar minimum donation (all of which will go to Athletics for Kids) and you can be on your way to a much healthier, happier and more productive workplace.

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