Spotlight on Nina Homeroom’s Digit Gal

Nina Reeder also known as Homeroom’s Digit Gal has been a member of our awesome team since the beginning of 2012.  She enjoys the preciseness of the job and working with many different companies and people. She is very efficient with data entry and loves to see a new business succeed.

We were curious to see what else we could find out about Nina. We also wanted a chance to publicly congratulate her for getting married to the love of her life this year.

How would you describe yourself?

I like to think of myself as indescribable, just kidding. I think caring, fun loving and social is the best way to describe myself if I am forced to put my personality into words.

What is your favorite thing about working at Homeroom?

I really love that Homeroom has given me the opportunity to help small businesses reach their goals and ease their stress. I also love working as part of a team with such dynamic interesting people.

What are your ultimate personal goals?

Ultimately I want to raise my son to be confident happy, healthy and compassionate person.

Why do you love bookkeeping so much?

Well, because there is always a solution.

What is the funniest item you have had a client attempt to write off?

Botox, it made my day!!

Describe your ultimate bookkeeping client?

An owner who brings me everything I need to complete my tasks.

You can connect with Nina on LinkedIn or find our more about her through her Homeroom Bio.

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