Spotlight on Emma- Homeroom’s Quickbooks Queen

Emma “the most tattooed bookkeeper in Vancouver” hails from London, England and has been a member of the Homeroom team since 2010. Before finding her true love (Quickbooks) Emma had an extremely varied job history- Wedding Planner, Dreadlock Expert, Apprentice Electrician & Finder of Employment for those with barriers in the DTES.
We felt it was time our clients got to know a little more about Emma.

How would you describe yourself?

Captain Brunhilda- Mighty Warrioress who SLAYS GST returns!!!  Or something like that?  I am cheeky little red-haired princess.  I am a giant nerd.  Yesterday my partner asked me to explain excel and I got OVERLY excited- I raved about all it’s wondrous functions for at least 15 minutes…. I am a nerd.  A BIG nerd.  A nerdy nerdy nerd.

What is your favorite thing about working at Homeroom?

My sisters-from-other-misters also known as the delightful ladies I am blessed to work with.

What are your ultimate personal goals?

  •  Marry Bruce Willis
  • Live in a big pink castle
  •  Get a pink winged unicorn (or a pegasus/unicorn?  A pegicorn? a unisus?).
AND most importantly to be happy and for my son to grow up happy and well-adjusted.

Why do you love bookkeeping so much?

I love how there is no grey area with numbers, they either add up or they don’t!! I also really like stamping all the receipts with the ‘Posted’ stamp because it makes me feel important.

What is the funniest item you have had a client attempt to write off?

Once I had a client try to write off hair replacement therapy.

Describe your ultimate bookkeeping client?

Friendly, challenging and organized.   They should also bring me presents.  Especially cupcakes or chocolate.

You can connect with Emma on LinkedIn or find our more about her through her Homeroom Bio.

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