5 Ways to Stay Productive in the Summer


Last week while sitting inside our office, during the first warm, sunny day we have experienced in a long time, it was extremely hard to focus on work. All we wanted to do was quit for the day and run to the beach.

Unfortunately we can’t quit when the sun comes out because our business needs to continue running sunshine or no sunshine. Therefore when deciding on a topic to write about his week we thought we should discuss how to stay motivated and focused on your business throughout the summer months.

1. Find a way to work in the sun

Technology allows most people to work from anywhere at anytime. As a business owner in Vancouver finding a way to work in the sunshine is key to ensuring that you remain productive.

Learn how to use your smartphone as a personal hotspot, grab your laptop and hit the beach. This way you can get a guilt free tan as you knock off some important tasks.

2. Plan for some time off

Summer isn’t a surprise, we all know it’s going to happen. To ensure you remain productive have a plan in place that will allow you to enjoy the sunshine before it quickly turns into rain.

That plan may be as simple as “Every time we experience a sunny day I will take a 1 hour lunch break in which I will commit to eating outside or going for a walk”.

This way you can ensure your daily dose of vitamin D and don’t feel left out when your friends ask you to join them on a patio.

3. Start your day earlier

Set your alarm for stupid-o’clock and don’t hit snooze unless it’s raining.

If you look outside and notice a beautiful sunny day get excited and start work earlier. This way you can leave work earlier and enjoy your afternoon in the sun.

4. Exercise outside.

Exercising in the park is very popular during the summer months. By exercising outside you are killing two birds with one stone and using your time efficiently.

5. Avoid social media

While you are stuck inside it is really hard to remain productive when your social media news feed is filled with photo’s of people having midday beers on a patio or tanning themselves at the beach.

Staying off social media in general is important for productivity but in the summer month’s it’s crucial. The last thing you need to see as your office fluorescent lights beam down on your face is a picture of your friend enjoying natural light.

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