Homeroom’s tournament of the century

giphyIt was the tournament of the century. Nay, the millennium! Homeroom’s inaugural ping-pong tournament was a battle of skill, strength, and gumption. It was a battle of good vs. bad, the all-reigning champ vs. a possible comeback kid, happiness vs. heartbreak. It was a battle for power, fame, and glory…and a tin foil wrapped golden paddle.

Held in the rec room of Office Gal’s (aka, all-reigning ping-pong champ and trash talker galore) apartment building, Saturday afternoon started out normal enough. Civilities were exchanged. Warm up rounds were held. Laughs were to be had.

And then the games began.

Round One saw the outings of Number Cruncher and Communications Guru. After several close scoring games, the two faced defeat with dignity and grace.

IMG_3302     IMG_3307

Round Two: Lady in Charge, Office Gal, and Lone Wolf competed in a classic round robin. The scores were so close it hurt! But ultimately, after an amazing rally, it was the Lady in Charge who had to say goodbye this round.


The Final Showdown

Office Gal and Lone Wolf. The trash talking had escalated.

With war paint across her cheeks, Office Gal’s style veered on the aggressive with fast serves and multiple attempts at ball spins. Sans war paint, Lone Wolf, on the other hand, attempted to give off a laid back, caution-to-the-wind ’tude. He fooled no one. They were both in it for blood.

IMG_1674     IMG_1675

Would Office Gal’s daily practices pay off? Or would Lone Wolf’s years of playing in his parents’ basement be enough to shake things up? Who could tell as the ball pinged back and forth, both its speed and the room’s tension escalating.

There were already three advantage points between the two of them. It was back at a tie. The rally only added to the suspense. And then, in one swift move, Lone Wolf tucked the ball in the left corner, just out of reach for office gal. Was this it? Had the champion been defeated? It all happened so fast!

FullSizeRender (2)     IMG_1676

Heartbreak for Office Gal. She was forced to hand over the prize she had displayed in her apartment for years. Only time could heal these wounds.

Homeroom welcomed a new champ! Its newest employee proved himself to be a skilled competitor. The golden paddle found a new home. Pizza was had by all.

IMG_3300     IMG_3303

(Homeroom cheer squad)

The Homeroom challenge

Homeroom, 30-day challenge, consistency, bookkeeping, VancouverIt’s the challenge of all challenges. Five employees—and their blood, sweat, and tears—duke it out over 30 days for glory, for fame, and perhaps a trendy new bag.

Some will fight until the end, keeping their eyes on that sweet, sweet prize, while others may pack it in early, unable to go on.

Regardless, we’ll all come out changed—a little wiser from the things we’ve seen, a little stronger, both mentally and physically.

The challenge

Pick one thing to do over the next 30 days (Monday, November 9 to Wednesday, December 9).

  • The Lady in Charge (Teya): Meditate for 10 minutes
  • The Number Cruncher (Allysia): Yoga
  • The Lone Wolf (Kevin): Exercise for an hour
  • Office Gal (Anja): Write at least one page every night
  • Communications Guru (Yvonne): Exercise for 30 minutes

The stakes

Whoever completes this challenge will receive a gift card to a store of their choice!

The reason

To create positive habits and understand the value of consistency in our professional and personal lives.

So cheer us on and watch our progress on Facebook and Twitter over the next few weeks!