Why having a professional bookkeeper is important for the success of your business

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The success of your business is OUR business. We have the big picture in mind. It is much more than posting income and expenses (though we can never have enough of that sweet click click click sound of the POSTED stamp as it graces your business receipts).

Call us your personal bookkeeping miracle workers! We will turn your messy, torn-up pile of receipts into a beautiful, sparkling file your accountant will be proud of.

Not convinced?

Here are five reasons why having a certified bookkeeper on your team of professionals is important for the success of your business:

  • Corporations: We know what an accountant needs to file your corporate year-end
  • Actually reconciling your bank and credit card to the statement balance. It is more complicated than just checking off everything in the bank rec screen in Quickbooks. Go figure!
  • Reviewing all of your accounts for accuracy and highlighting any issues so that the accountant knows where to direct his/her attention
  • We will deliver your year-end in a reliable software that the accountant is used to
  • Sole Proprietor: We know what is needed to complete your year-end so we can file your tax return and/ or GST/ PST returns

Why is all this important?

  • You will save on accounting fees if the accountant receives a clean set of books in a format they are accustomed to seeing
  • The accountant and bookkeeper speak the same language. You will save time because the accountant will ask the bookkeeper questions about the year-end instead of asking you
  • Sole proprietors: similar to above, but we will do your bookkeeping anticipating doing your tax return at the end of the year. We will look/ask you for any additional write offs that you may not have provided to us based on other businesses in your industry. Our job is to ensure that your tax liability is as low as possible while still compliant with the CRA rules
  • We will ensure that you get the maximum write-offs possible based on our experience filing thousands returns
    • We will ask you about certain items you might never have thought you could even write off eg: Business insurance, WorkSafe BC, Meals
    • We will ask you about incomplete entries we think should be there eg do you have certain months missing for rent or telephone? Did you pay for utilities?
    • Forgot your bank and credit card statements? We will send you a reminder to send us your statements with any additional business expenses that may not be in your folder
  • We will review your expense totals to make sure they are reasonable

Stay tuned for next week’s post to see how your business will benefit from having a professional bookkeeper on your team!

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