Business Information

Business Name

Homeroom Small Business Solutions

Field of Business

Accounting & Bookkeeping


Teya Klavora

Contact Information

Phone: 604-739-9536
Email: teya.klavora@gmail.com


4170 Still Creek Drive
Burnaby BC V5C 6C6



Company Identity

Homeroom Small Business Solutions inc is a an accounting firm/bookkeeping company started by Teya Mali based in Vancouver, Canada. Having experienced first hand a lack of accounting & bookkeeping services suited for small businesses, Teya vowed to fight for small businesses’ finances across Vancouver.

What We Do

Teya and her team of experienced bookkeepers and tax accountants strive to balance the financial records small businesses and provide them with the tools they need to achieve prosperity.

Homeroom Small Business Solutions inc helps you gain clarity on your finances so you can make better decisions and focus on your business. They navigate you through the financial straits giving you a better understanding of your unique situation.

Philosophy & Values

Our Philosophy & Core Values are what we live by. It is the voice of our Company & Brand. It is the foundation of who we are.

Our Tone/Values


We work hard for the benefit of others, always looking to aid those in need. We are selfless in our service and are willing to go the extra mile for our clients. 


We have comprehensive & extensive knowledge on the subject. We have a broad and deep competence and are adept at communicating said expertise.


Caring for the needs or desires of others. We are observant and avid listeners with a great attention to detail.



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