A Day in the Life of a Small Business Owner: Part 1

This month we thought it would be fun to talk about the trials and tribulations of being a business owner. Here is a day in the life of Teya.

5.30 am – My alarm wakes me abruptly. Shocked, I look around my room wondering where the beautiful beach I was just laying on has gone.

5:31 am – Reality sets in and my inner dialogue begins “successful people don’t hit snooze, you want to be successful don’t you?” “get out of bed,  it’s time to face another day.”

5:40 am – My back up alarm sounds “BEEP BEEP BEEP”

I fantasize about smashing it with a hammer, as I rub the sleep out of my eyes.

5.45 am – I come to terms with being awake and begin my morning ritual of motivational reading.

As I delve into the pages of powerful words,written for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs, I begin to feel ambitious, empowered, MOTIVATED  and ready to face the day.

6.30 am – My new found vitality is flattened by over abundance of emails.

6.45 am– I begin to get into a serious email groove. Self-high-fives are being given every two minutes. The sun begins to shine I can feel this is going to be a very productive day.

7:00 am– My son wakes up and yells for me. I try to pretend I can’t hear him so I can squeeze in a few more email responses.

7.05 am– This kid is relentless. Once he gets sick of yelling “MOM” on repeat he begins requesting breakfast burritos.

I go into his room and pretend that I am surprised that he is awake.

His smile melts my heart.

7:15 am – I finish making him breakfast and he tells me he wants cuddles.

Cuddles with a tiny human are the best so I eagerly accept.

7:16 am– I barely sit myself down on the couch and cuddle time is over.

Now he is showing me planes, trains and wanting his favorite music played.

7:30 am– I begin to have serious regrets about introducing my son to Sharon, Lois and Bram.  I start to reminisce about the good old days when I was child free and could listen to adult music in the morning.

9:30 am– I finally arrive at the office after completing what has already felt like an 8 hour day.

Now the real fun begins.

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